Dec 8, 2020 • 31M

🎧: "Good on paper" relationships w/ Catherine Saint Siena (pt 2)

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Haley Nahman
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My Tuesday podcast is typically for paying subscriber of Maybe Baby, but I’ve just unlocked all my 2020 episodes as an end-of-year thank you. (Ty!) To listen in your preferred app, click “Listen in podcast app” from your phone.


Last week I aired part 1 of my conversation with my friend Catherine Saint Siena, which was about workism (shitty jobs, following dreams, living to work vs working to live, etc). This is the second part of our conversation, which is about relationship doubt. These were topics I covered in my last Dear Baby ICYMI, but they’re also relevant to my and Catherine’s friendship, since we first bonded over leaving jobs and relationships that didn’t feel right. This part of the conversation is shorter and less in depth in that we didn’t exactly prep for it (we’d already talked for 90 minutes at this point), but we couldn’t not! So it’s getting its own baby episode.

As I mentioned on Sunday this is my last podcast of 2020! And Avi’s last royalty-free cover, although I’m sure they’ll be back in 2021 thank god. Thanks so much for listening this year, it means a lot.


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