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🎧: A big Q&A about “trying”

🎧: A big Q&A about “trying”

Starting with how I finally made the kid decision


After revealing on Sunday that Avi and I are trying to have a kid, I am finally prepared to unload the 1,000+ thoughts I have on this process, the decisions that led to it, and what I’ve learned since I started. I have neverrrrrr recorded this long of a solo podcast. I had so many things to stay I was literally out of BREATH, lol. Since this one has a pretty clear topic breakdown, I am bestowing timestamps (rare):

0-4:58: Intro/why I’m recording this episode

4:58-27:50: How I decided I wanted kids and when I knew it was the right time (+ some bones I have to pick with the discourse around this!)

27:50-34:25: How I feel about sidelining my creative/intellectual pursuits

34:25-39:36: How I’m navigating fears around labor imbalances in my relationship that having kids may create/exacerbate

39:36-40:35: How I feel about having a kid without being married

40:35-43:51: What not to say to a friend who is struggling with the “trying” process (based on what I do/don’t prefer to hear)

43:51-47:56: Whether Avi and I have seen a specialist/how I feel about medical intervention

47:56-1:05:06: My experience with the literal trying process: Details on how I prepared, what it’s actualllllly like, how I’ve felt, perspectives that have helped me as it’s gone on

1:05:06-1:10:26: How I’ve talked to friends and fam about “trying”/what I decided to share

1:10:26-1:17:38: Whether it’s made sex weird/more fun/worse/awkward

1:17:38-1:21:36: The fun, exciting (and dare I say beautiful) parts of this process

Thanks so much for your great questions. I’ll be hanging around the comments to discuss!


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