🎧: Digesting internet snark w/ Alicia Kennedy


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This week I brought on culture, food, and climate writer Alicia Kennedy to talk about what it’s like to be a semi-public figure (and receive public criticism), how to get yourself to write when you’re not in the mood, and what it’s like to make subscriber-funded work. This conversation is in response to my last newsletter, #29: On shit-talking, clickbait, and politics (in bed). Remember adding “in bed” to the end of fortunes? Thinking about bringing that back. Anyway, Alicia and I have actually never met! Or spoken anywhere other than via Twitter replies. So it was nice to finally talk face to face, even though we didn’t actually do that because there’s a pandemic and she lives in Puerto Rico.

Links to things we mention!
•Alicia Kennedy’s newsletter, From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy
Her tweet about my last newsletter, and some of the replies by Nick Cho and Jen Agg
•Her recent essay about chocolate

Hope you enjoy our conversation! I’m only slightly still mad at her for saying her newsletter is super easy to write.

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