🎧: Big nepotism energy w/ Avi & Harling


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Thrilled to share I’ve invited my team of pop culture analysts, Avi Bonnerjee and Harling Ross, back on the podcast today to discuss nepotism in America (especially Hollywood), inspired by the Twitter discourse around Cazzie David’s essay in The Cut last week. We also, in the name of literary critique, weigh in on whether we ever get too full to fuck. As usual I was very excited to be conversing with Avi and Harling, although I miss when the three of us could hang intimately on the beach.

Links to things we mention:
-The Light phone
-The Grey’s Anatomy trailer that teased a McDreamy comeback
-Harling’s piece about knocking vs jiggling the bathroom door handle + her theory that outfits go bad at 3pm
-Cazzie David’s essay in The Cut: “Too Full to Fuck”
-Our Emily in Paris podcast episode
-Larry David’s story of quitting SNL
-Wyatt Koch’s “Hawaiian” shirt line as featured in The Cut
-Jia Tolentino’s “The Land of the Large Adult Son” for The New Yorker
-Harling’s satire about the great Oatly shortage of 2018

Come for the goss, stay for Avi’s heart-wrenching cover of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.”

Happy Thanksgiving (and thanks for listening),

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