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🎧: "Good taste" versus "on trend" w/ Connie Wang

🎧: "Good taste" versus "on trend" w/ Connie Wang

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This week I brought on my friend Connie Wang, executive editor of Refinery29, to talk about consumerism and the pathologies we develop around what we buy. Connie is a cultural commentator who has written about style for years, and I happen to love her taste, so I was curious to get her perspective this week (after my last newsletter #50 on beautiful dining chairs). We confront questions like: What’s the difference between having good taste and being on trend? Is it okay to feel defined by your things? Is it possible to vote with your wallet? What does it actually mean to take care of yourself? Et cetera. Here’s Connie picking up my call:

I’ve always been a nester and feel deeply impacted by my physical surroundings (whether in the form of my home or my clothes), and I know many of you probably feel the same. This discussion isn’t meant to undermine the validity of that, but rather unpack how we metabolize and express those needs in the modern world, and when they get overshadowed by other forces.

Some links to things we mention:
-Connie’s RIP to Opening Ceremony
-Connie’s piece about Asian representation
-adrienne maree brown on Pleasure Activism

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