How to put this…? I made a vlog. I decided this year that I wanted to experiment with occasionally publishing a mixed media project on Tuesdays instead of a new podcast episode. What I did not realize is just how long this project would take me. I had plans to knit something with my friend Michelle this past weekend, and I thought: Let’s vlog it! Cut to the most accidentally ambitious knitting project either of us (beginning knitters) had done, and then hours and hours of footage that I had 24 hours to edit…having never edited a video before (actual lol). Anyway I finished this at 3 a.m. last night and feel totally nuts right now.

But honestly had a ton of fun making this over the last three days. It felt like staying up late losing my mind over a school project. Who knew I missed that dreaded feeling…

Hope you like it!

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p.s. Another big thank you to Daniel for his TJ’s haul and Premiere lesson