🎧: Unpacking Emrata's feminism w/ Mallory Rice


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Thanks so much for all your thoughtful engagement under my last newsletter, “#24: The Emily Ratajkowski effect.” It’s been one of the more nerve-wracking but ultimately satisfying writing experiences I’ve had in a while. This week I brought on my friend and former editor Mallory Rice to discuss all of it—Emrata’s essay, her brand of feminism, my response, and your responses to my response (both positive and critical). I also do an audio reading of my essay at the end—that starts around the 50-minute mark. Here’s a really bad photo I took:

Idk why it looks like that. Some things we mention:

-My essay’s moment in the sun on Twitter (where you can see more reactions)
-Amber Hussain’s critique of Natasha Stagg’s Sleeveless
-Amanda Mull’s “Body Positivity Is a Scam

Thanks for reading/listening!

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