Jan 24 • 1HR 37M

🎧 Pop culture check: Nepo 👶🏼s, AI, Madonna

Emily in Paris, Mr. Feeny, sun vs moon

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Haley Nahman
The Maybe Baby podcast is a a mixed bag of interviews, advice, and unfiltered thoughts on the topics of culture, politics, the internet, and being alive. It's a supplement to my weekly written newsletter. New episodes every Tuesday.
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Hey everyone,

Today I’m joined by none other than my blood-born SIBLINGS, Kelly and Andy (whom you may remember from this ep), and also Avi, for a long-overdue pop culture roundup. We’ll be talking about what’s going on with mom culture on the internet, Andy’s procrastination era, Avatar, Austin Butler, Jen Shah, the things in the title and subtitle of t…

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