What is Maybe Baby?

Maybe Baby is a weekly long-form newsletter about hard-to-describe feelings. It arrives in your inbox every Sunday morning and is best consumed while physically comfortable. My goal is to make you feel the way you do after a long talk with a friend. Or even just slightly less anxious or confused about the always-chaotic, often-alienating modern world.

I’m Haley Nahman, a culture writer and editor based in Brooklyn. Some know me as the former features director of Man Repeller, some as @halemur, others as just another internet person who started a newsletter. Very few people know me for my Twitter, and I’ve accepted that.

Maybe Baby includes diary-like essays and observations, cultural commentary and critique, and thoughtful (and sometimes weird) recommendations. In addition to the weekly newsletter, paying subscribers get access to Dear Baby, my advice column (which runs the last Sunday of the month—here’s an example of one Q&A), and the Maybe Baby podcast every Tuesday, which is a mixed bag of interviews, unfiltered thoughts, and audio readings, usually in response to whatever I wrote about on Sunday. You will never see an ad or sponsor on here—that was one of my founding principles.

More than the perks, paying subscribers are funding the existence of this newsletter and helping me develop free writing as if it were paid work. My deepest thanks to those who contribute!

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Two quick things:
1. Every 100 paid sign-ups I receive, I comp 10 paid subscriptions for people who can’t afford it, so if you’re interested in being comped, sign up here.
2. I redistribute a portion of my revenue to a different organization every month, which you’ll find highlighted at the bottom of each email.

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