What is Maybe Baby?

Maybe Baby is a newsletter about complicated feelings. It is not a dictionary of German words that define complex emotions, which may lose me traffic, but it is concerned with crystalizing nebulous ideas, which has been the focus of my writing for a long time, with varying degrees of success.

I’m Haley Nahman, a culture writer and editor based in Brooklyn. Some know me as the former features director of Man Repeller, some as @halemur, others as just another internet person who started a newsletter. Very few people know me for my Twitter, and I’ve accepted that.

Maybe Baby will include everything from diary-like entries and cultural observations; interviews and conversations; book, article, and people recommendations (out the gate I’d like to recommend Priestdaddy, “The Art of Dying,” and Patti Harrison); and eventually, an advice column that never presumes the correct answer.

In the spirit of this newsletter’s name, the schedule and format will be loose and subject to change pending what’s working and what isn’t. You can support it on Patreon here.

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Because you’re a person with thoughts and feelings, but you prefer to experience those thoughts and feelings from a comfortable, intellectual remove (which our therapists love).

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