Alert: new favorite cookie recipe
🎧 Pop culture check: Nepo 👶🏼s, AI, Madonna(97 mins) | Emily in Paris, Mr. Feeny, sun vs moon
And how to treat it
New Botox study, new iPhone feature, new investment sweater
🎧: 12 tips for better friendships(50 mins) | I was totally blown away by the comment section of my Sunday newsletter, written by my friend/editor Mallory Rice. It’s up to 717 comments…
Are you feeling it?
The ideal soup vehicle, a custom painting, a trippy movie
A tip that's changed how I shopA discussion thread about how to shop better, smarter, or less
This newsletter is dedicated to the non-stop chaos of air travel in America last month—2,268 flights canceled smack dab in the middle of the holidays…
The return of cards (?), a wistful gem of a movie, the perfect coin purse
🎧: A big Q&A about “trying”(82 mins) | Starting with how I finally made the kid decision
I knew I wanted to write something personal for this newsletter, partly because it’s a famously reflective time (happy new year), and partly because I…