🎧: Who are you online?


What’s up!

(Trying out a new greeting, lmk your thoughts.) I’m here to present you with the next episode of the Maybe Baby podcast, which includes a reading of #20: “Who are you online?” along with some truly off-the-leash monologuing. A question for you: Do you like hearing me talk out my recommendations? Sometimes I think they aren’t super conducive to audio explanation and I wonder whether people skip them for that reason. Let me know in the comments! I’m open to reimagining what I use this podcast for pending what you find most spiritually fulfilling (i.e. maybe I skip the recs so it’s shorter for you, or just talk longer about one or two of the recs that I find particularly thought-provoking, or take a long walk off a short pier into a cool lake in upstate New York then read a book under a tree!). I’m also doing some interview planning—if there’s someone you’d like to hear me interview, put that in the comments, too!

Love and tube socks,

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